What is an AML policy?

Aussie Play Casino is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and security in the gaming industry. Our Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policy is a crucial component of our commitment to responsible gaming. In this comprehensive guide, we will explain our AML policy and how it helps to prevent and combat money laundering activities on our platform.

Understanding AML

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) refers to a set of policies, regulations, and procedures designed to detect and prevent the illegal process of making “dirty” money appear “clean” by disguising its origins. The aim is to ensure that the financial and gaming industry is not used as a means to legitimize illicit funds.

Key Components of Our AML Policy

Our AML policy encompasses various elements to safeguard our platform against money laundering activities:

Customer Due Diligence (CDD):

  • During registration, players are required to provide accurate personal information, including their name, date of birth, and contact details.
  • We employ various methods to verify the identity of our customers, including document verification and cross-referencing against governmental watchlists and databases.

Transaction Monitoring:

  • We continuously monitor player transactions for unusual or suspicious activity.
  • Any transactions that raise red flags are thoroughly investigated.

Risk Assessment:

  • We conduct periodic risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities in our system and make improvements accordingly.


  • Any identified suspicious activity is reported to relevant authorities as required by law.

Benefits of Our AML Policy

Our AML policy offers several advantages to both our players and Aussie Play Casino:

Prevention of Money Laundering:

  • By monitoring transactions and verifying player identities, we can effectively prevent money laundering activities on our platform.

Protection of Player Funds:

  • AML measures help safeguard player funds from being used for illegal activities.

Enhanced Security:

  • The AML policy enhances the overall security and integrity of our gaming platform.

Compliance with Legal Requirements:

  • Our AML policy ensures compliance with local and international AML regulations and helps maintain the transparency and legitimacy of the gaming industry.

Privacy and Data Security

We understand the importance of data privacy and security in the context of our AML policy. All customer data, including transaction records and personal information, is stored securely and in compliance with data protection regulations. We have implemented strict security measures to protect this data from unauthorized access or breaches.

Player Cooperation

We encourage players to cooperate with our AML policy by providing accurate and up-to-date information, responding to verification requests promptly, and refraining from engaging in any suspicious or fraudulent activities.


Aussie Play Casino’s AML policy is a vital component of our dedication to responsible gaming and the prevention of illicit activities on our platform. It is our responsibility to ensure the security of player accounts and prevent money laundering activities. The AML policy benefits both our players and our casino by creating a safer, more secure gaming environment. We appreciate the cooperation of our players, which is integral to maintaining the integrity and transparency of the online gaming industry.